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Amazement is the key word

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Amazement is the key word

We are surrounded by signs, sounds, images, buildings, cars, people, people who go and who come, always in a hurry and looking for something they may never find. In this fasted world the only ones who are not in a hurry are the children. Watch them. No anxiety, no bother, no madness, going or coming, no hurry to grow. Watch them. Squawk is pure, concepts like good, bad weather, are devoid of any meaning. Yet they have what we have lost, the amazement. Children just, they are surprised at everything. Everything is new, nothing is discounted or habitual. The wonder of a new color, the sound of a new word. See things with a different perspective, without looking at them, just with wonder in the eyes. Of that wonder and wonder we are desperately searching and occasionally seems to have it in the reach. Every now and then he seems to see him.